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Features of Google Play Dev. Accounts

  1. 100% new and fresh account
  2. New and dedicated IP Address
  3. Gmail account with a new, random recovery e-mail that was never used before along with a phone number that really exists
  4. Credit/debit card that is Never used with this account

What we deliver

  1. Access details of the Google Play Dev. Account via email.
  2. Customer support when you need it


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Publish your apps and games with the Google Play Developers Account and grow your business on Google Play. Benefit from features that help you improve your app’s quality engage your audience, earn revenue, and more.

Improve your app’s quality and discoverability

The Google Play Store is committed to linking users having a diverse catalog of top-quality programs. Our tips are comprised of a mixture of individual curation and algorithmic calculations, both of which, the two largest components considered, are quality and relevance. The best-practices below explain exactly how we evaluate quality for the app, independent which user may download it.
Play’s focus on quality encompasses the full user experience by the app’s description of the in-program experience.


These topics should be familiar, but you may well not know of all the specific guidelines and tools Perform offers that will help you accomplish your program’s full quality potential. This page will evolve as time passes, so please wait whenever you are preparing to launch or upgrade your program. Remember to also check the Developer Policy Center tips and utilize Google to create the most trusted and secure supply of programs to allow users around the world.

Create top quality and engaging app

Google Play knows that building top quality and the engaging app is an art form. To provide users with a purposeful and lasting encounter, you also ought to provide the proper selection and depth of material for the users and also avoid doing anything which may negatively impact a person’s capability to engage with your own app: craft intuitive and reactive navigation, controls, and menu choices. For apps using more complex features, think about creating a tutorial in one’s first-period user experience to walk a user through.

Be in advance with permissions along with your data utilize with users. Continue to maintain your solitude policy up to date and be mindful of the kinds of permissions you ask. Supply a suitable amount of content and features which users would expect from your store list or other marketing materials.

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For programs with ads incorporated, ensure a good user experience by picking the right ad format and placement during your app. Avoid placing ads in a way that could negatively impact an individual’s experience, for example, placing adverts too and in most regions that mimic system or program dialogues.
Consider building your program with localization to expand your reach users in various markets. Be sure that you precisely examine your localization (strings, and UI elements) for every area before publishing.

Provide a distinctive or innovative solution, utilize instance, and experience for the users to simply help your program stick from the crowd. Make sure you are building a program where users can detect continued price. You may track this by analyzing key performance metrics such as retention prices, busy user counts, and other participation metrics. Use peer benchmarks to see how you work to get ahead of any damaging trends.

Monitor your own user evaluations and reviews, address common issues, and respond to negative reviews where possible. When receiving a reply from programmers, users increase their ratings from +0.7 celebrities normally.

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Prepare every release for a successful launch.

The next recommendations will help you prepare to launch and then navigate and also track key metrics to be sure you provide users with the very best & most stable experience potential. Produce the ideal testing plan on the very used Android apparatus for the app. Utilize testing paths to release early versions of your app to gather user feedback, create progress before full release, and keep up with releases of Android for compatibility.

Enable pre-launch reports to spot where your program has issues and ensure you are introducing peak quality to users upon launch. The pre-launch reports utilize automatic evaluations on real devices that could identify layout issues, provide crash diagnostics, locate security vulnerabilities, and much more.

Review the Android vitals dash to learn how your program is performing core vitals metrics, including crash rate, ANR rate, excess wakeups, and stuck semi wake cubes in the backdrop. Look at peer-reviewed benchmarks to see how you compare well to the others in your own category.

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Build a Productive store list page

The Discovery of your app starts on the store listing page. Build confidence with customers and produce a strong first impression using an effective and true store listing page. Users need to have the ability to clearly understand what your app provides from the app description, screenshots, and other metadata provided on the record page.

Use strong creative resources, together with your app name, description, icon, feature graphic, screenshots, and video, to deliver a very clear and accurate representation of one’s program experience. Adding a video to your program’s list page and including three or even maybe more 16:9 screenshots could boost the conversion rate.
Supply accurate categorization, along with the content rating, to help Google Play promote your app precisely.

Run store listing experiments into A/B test different variants of one’s record page, for example, variations of your description, icon, screenshots, and more, one of actual Google Play users. Be sure you test each component individually and run examinations for at least a week as a way to gather substantial outcomes. Ensure the information provided is succinct, clear, and enlightening for the users.
Localize your app store listing to guarantee the content is specially tailored for users in different markets throughout the world.
Be sure that you include up to date and accurate programmer site and contact information in case users need to reach you.

Efficient, modular apps and customizable feature Shipping

There are now over 80,000 programs and matches using program packages in manufacturing, and using an average size savings of 20 percent. As a consequence of the savings, programs have consumed to 1 1% install uplift. In the near future of program delivery, we’re excited to share these most recent improvements to the Android App Bundle.

Dynamic attributes are out of beta and now available to most developers, such as these new delivery choices:

On-demand delivery — install features when they’re needed or at the backdrop, instead of delivering them at install time, and cut back the size of your app.

Expedited delivery — control which parts of your app to deliver at the time of install predicated on an individual’s country, apparatus features, or even minimum SDK version.

Instant experiences — today fully supported, so that you just need to upload one artifact for the installed app and Google Play Prompt experiences.
Throughout our beta program, many programmers implemented interesting use cases with dynamic capabilities. Netflix, by way of instance, today delivers their support functionality as being a lively feature to users that visit the support center. By making functionality available exclusively for users who need it, Netflix reported a 33 percent decrease in app size. You may learn more in the video below.

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Seamless internal analyzing and increased security

However, with the new internal program sharing, you can now share evaluation assembles in just a matter of minutes. Just upload your program bundle to Google Play and find a download URL to talk to your testers. That you do not have to be concerned about version codes, either signing keys, or the majority of other validations your production releases will need to conform to.

In addition to efficacy and modularity, the Android App Bundle also today offers increased security with the launching of app signing primary upgrade for a new setup. Many programmers sign their apps with keys generated a long time before, and this new feature will be the sole backward-compatible way to boost their strength.

Easier for consumers to upgrade

Even though auto-updates reach many users, you told us it was challenging to find a few users to upgrade your own apps. Now that our newest in-app updates API is generally accessible, users should be able to update without ever leaving your program. During our early access program, many programmers used our API to make a polished upgrade stream, leading to a median acceptance rate of roughly 50%.

The API currently supports two flows:

The “immediate” stream is a fullscreen user-experience that guides the user from download to update before they are able to use your program.
The “elastic stream” allows users to download the update while continuing to make use of your app.

Stronger Decision Making with new Google Play Developer Account information.

The appropriate data will be able to allow you to better your app performance and grow your business. This is exactly why we’re eager to tell you about brand new metrics and insights that will help you better assess your app health and analyze your own performance.

Center calculators re-fresh — better comprehend your acquisition and emphasize, such as data on returning users, automatic shift analysis, install the system (for instance, pre-installs and peer sharing), metric benchmarking, and also the capability to aggregate and de-dupe over periods from hours to quarters.

Program size metrics and reports — gain information regarding your app size in Android vitals, including download dimensions, the size on apparatus (at install time), changes in contrast to peers over time, and tailored optimization recommendations.

Developer-selected peer-reviewed benchmarks — create a custom pair of 8-12 peers to compare with your app into, and then find that the median value of the set and the gap between your program and its own peers for Android vitals data in addition to for public information for your rating.

Market Details with curated presets — in the coming months, you’ll even find a way to compare your growth against a mechanically generated, curated peer set of approximately 100 programs very similar to yours to business-sensitive metrics like conversion rate and download pace.
Making it easier to react to improve user testimonials

We’re also making big changes to another vital source of performance data:

Your user reviews. A lot of you told me that you want a rating that reflects a much more current version of your own app, perhaps not exactly what it had been years past — and we agree. Thus rather than a cumulative lifetime price, your Google Play Store evaluation is going to be recalculated to provide more cash to your latest ratings. Users won’t see the updated evaluation in the Google Play Store before August. However, you can preview your brand new rating in the Google Play Developer Account now.

Every single day, programmers respond to more than 100,000 reviews from the Play Console, and when they do, we’ve found that users upgrade their evaluation from +0.7 celebrities typically. Therefore, in addition to the rating change, we’re making it easier to respond to reviews together with suggested replies.

Whenever you move to respond to a user, you will see three suggested replies that have been generated automatically depending on the content of the critique. You may choose to send one as-suggested, customize a suggestion for more customization, or create your own personal message from scratch. Suggested replies are available in English today with additional languages arriving later.

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Better Google Play Store list personalization and targeting

Your store list is where users appear to find out more about your app or match and decide whether to install. It’s a crucial real estate. Therefore we’re publishing new features that permit you to optimize your Google Play Store to address unique moments inside the user life cycle.

After the launch of custom listings from the country at GDC, we’re announcing a new early access program that lets you create custom listings by install state. Increase retention, acquisition, and re-engagement by providing customized marketing messages for all users who have not installed your own app, users who have your program, and users who’ve uninstalled your program. If you’re considering joining the program, subscribe here.

Today that pre-registration is available to all programmers, we’re launching two new features to help you make the most of it: custom record pages to get pre-registration and pre-registration rewards, that let you incentivize players for becoming a member of notifications before you launch.

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